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Service of Transformers

We can cater to all your transformer service need and even provide you with a a test certificate for electrical audit or company audit purposes. The list of services we provide for distribution transformer up to 2500 KVA or power transformer up to 100 MVA are - 


Transformer routine test on site. It starts with visual inspection of the transformer. Checking for transformer oil leaks and loose nuts and botls.


Transformer's secondary is isolated and transformer's no. load current is measured. Then primary is also isolated.


Transformer insulation resistance resistance test is carried out


Transformer winding resistance test is carried out


Transformer turns ratio test and polarity check are carried out.


Transformer TAN-DELTA test is carried out.


Transformer oil sample is taken from sampling valve from top and bottom of the transformer. Transformer oil BDV test is carried out. 


Transformer oil dissolved gas analysis is carried out. 


All test readings are cataloged for making of test certificate. Transformer primary and secondary are re-connected and transformer is energized

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