• Siddharth Sawhney


Breakdowns occur in every factory, building, school and (god forbid) hospitals. It is the sad truth of using a machine, they have a limited life time. But success isn't measured by how hard you can hit but rather how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

Many institutions overlook the fact that their primary source of power is going to fail someday. When that day come Bajaj Electrical Industries does not want you to panic. We want you to simply pick up your phone and call us immediately ! We have a ready stock of more than 40 transformers for rent, tested, filled with oil and ready for dispatch and commissioning. This includes from distribution transformers, power transformers, furnace transformers etc.

Within 24 hours of your call we can send a transformer on rent and have it commissioned. Our transformer rental services have been utilized by many factories and hospitals, even the power generating companies do need a back-up transformer on rent. Since time is off the essence as a transformer breakdown can cause production loss (or higher cost of production due to use of diesel generators) our transformers are ready to be dispatched at the moment's notice.


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