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Preventive Maintenance and Oil Filtration

At the time of writing this blog there is a pandemic terrorizing our industry and our country. Bajaj Electrical Industry wishes and prays for the well being of every citizen on India and has taken steps to ensure that our company would not contribute to the spreading of the virus.

Preventive maintenance(or preventative maintenance) is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. It is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

The transformer being the heart of all machinery in a factory demands the utmost care and hence should be prioritized while carrying out preventive maintenance. The following are the steps you can take to ensure that your transformer never has to shut down for the coming years.

1. Routine testing of transformer - A routine test can help an engineer get a better understanding of a transformer. It is synonymous to a doctor using a stethoscope to access the situation of a patient. Just like a doctor can order various scans and blood tests, engineers also have a list of test to preform so as to access the transformer condition. Some of the most common tests for transformer routine tests are -

a. Insulation resistance test

b. Winding resistance test

c. Turns Ratio Test

d. Check silica gel

e. Check for oil leakages and shortages in tank

f. Check transformer oil visually and the check break down voltage.

g. Tan delta test

2. Transformer Oil Filtration - Transformer oil filtration is an extremely important part of maintaining a transformer. Due to the high number of operating hours of a transformer, the insulation starts to dissolve in the insulating mineral oil and can even build up moisture from the surroundings. This eventually leads to build up of sludge matter in the oil which can be observed by the apparent change in color of the oil.

Hence to avoid any short circuit due to sludge particles or moisture it is very important to have a transformer's oil filtered from time to time.

The breakdown voltage of the oil would be checked before and after the filtration process to the effects of filtration and if the required BDV is achieved. There are many filtration companies all over India but only a few of them employ people with the right technical know how of how to carry our the transformer filtration successfully. You can book an appointment with Bajaj Electrical Industries for the same by clicking here

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