• Siddharth Sawhney

Buy, Sell, Rent or Service Transformers

Bajaj Electrical Industries is an esteemed company based in Jalandhar , Punjab and we can give you the best value for money for a transformer.

A transformer is much more than a piece of equipment. It is the back bone of today's modern age. Something that is common to EVERYTHING. Its duty cycle it upwards of 99.99% and its reliability is essential to having a day without problems.

At Bajaj Electrical Industries, we strive to be as reliable as a modern age transformer. Our service would keep your transformer's health in check and ensure trouble free working. If a fault occurs and a transformer fails, we have 35 back-up transformers in stock ready to be dispatched !!

At the end of the day because of our transformer services, we ensure that your establishment would be free from any transformer related problems.

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