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2500 KVA Kirloskar Transformer
2500 KVA Kirloskar Off Load Dyn11 , 11/0.433 KV Oil Cooled transformer.
5 MVA Crompton Greaves Transformer
5000 KVA Crompton Greaves make 33/11KV Dyn11 Oil cooled ON load Distribution Transformer
Core and Winding of 500 KVA
Core and winding of 630 KVA Venugopal manufactured 11/0.433 Kv distribution transformer
1500 KVA ITL transformer
1500 KVA Indian Transformers LTD 11/0.433 KV oil cooled OLTC distribution transformer
750 KVA Voltamp Transformer
750 KVA Voltamp make 11/0.433 KV Cast Resin Dyn11 Distribution Transformer
3500 KVA Voltamp Transformer
3500 KVA Voltamp make 33/0.433 KVA off load Oil cooled Dyn11 Distribution Transformer
1000 KVA Kirloskar Transformer
1000 KVA Kirloskar Make 11/0.433 KV Oil Cooled Off Load Dyn11 Distribution Transformer
750 KVA Crompton Greaves Transformer
750 KVA Crompton Greaves make 11/0.433KV Offload Oil cooled Distribution Transformer
500 KVA Packaged Substation
500 KVA Universal make 11/0.433 Oil Cooled Offload distribution transformer with 11 KV VCB at HT side and 800 Amp ABB MCCB at LT side
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