HT and LT Electric Cables

We dont just sell HT and LT cables, we also guide you to their proper use and rating.


For installing cables for your factory it is highly recommended that you follow certain  guidelines which let us know the proper size of cables for ampere load (current) to / from your distribution transformer. If you don't know the ampere load you can refer to the chart below which tells the current for different voltage classes and the power rating of the transformer. 

IEC standard 60364-5-52 proposes extensive information in the form of tables giving the admissible currents as a function of cross-sectional area of cables. Many parameters are taken into account, such as the method of installation, type of insulation material, type of conductor material, number of loaded conductors. As an example, the below table gives the current-carrying capacities for different methods of installation of PVC insulation, three loaded copper or aluminium conductors, free air or in ground.


The above table is taken from Schneider's "Electrical Installation Guide 2018" which is a great guidebook with detailed formulas , IEC compliance references and other resourceful tools about all things electrical. You can download the full book from the below link.