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Trade of Electric Equipment

We are well established trader of electrical goods. We give the best price for your old electrical material.

Transformer Service & AMC 

Over the years, we have curated a strong and competent engineering team which can solve all your probllems. 

Transformer Repair

The BEST repair deal you will find in India. While your transformer is getting repaired, we give you a stand by transformer for FREE !!!


Distribution Transformer 


We are India's largest ready stock keepers of distribution Transformers. 

On spot solutions for buying, selling or renting transformers. 


Transformer Oil Services

We provide transformer oil services such as dehydration of oil, testing of oil, sale of oil in retail quantities. Give us a call if you have a query.  


Circuit Breaks


Ready stock of more than 40 Circuit Breakers including HT Vacuum Circuit Breaker ( VCB ), Oil Circuit Breaker ( OCB), HT SF6 Breaker, LT MCCB and LT ACB. All serviced and ready to energize. 


Buy H.T and L.T Cables

We can get you the best deals in buying LT and HT cables. We have a bulk stock and resources to arrange any cable of any size in Punjab from 1.5 Sqmm to 300 Sqmm cables. Partnered with recognized dealers and manufactures. 


Electrical Equipment and Spare Parts

We have a wide range of electrical spares. eg Copper busbars, transformer bushing and conductors, AC/DC powerpacks, Gaskets and Oil seals, VCB spouts and contacts. Give us a call to see if we can complete your requirement. 

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